Sunday, June 14, 2015

What You Need to Know Before You Start Engaging in Asset Investigation

If you are in a position where a person or a group owes you money, but they claim they can't pay you, you can benefit from asset investigations. Asset investigations can take place in a number of circumstances, including cases that involve spousal support during a divorce settlement or in a global business dispute. Essentially, asset investigators work as detectives that aim to uncover the financial holdings of those who would rather keep these records hidden. Investigators go about this task by performing what is called an asset search, which aims to locate financial or physical assets. However, these assets can be hidden deep below the surface of official record books, and at times they may be completely off the records altogether. For some, this is a strategy to avoid paying off debts, but for others, hiding their assets is a systematized process that they find advantageous.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Why You Should Hire a Surveillance Investigator to Get at the Truth

In a perfect world, you would be able to trust the word of others without having a cause to question their honesty. Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect and not everyone is as honest as you'd like. From missing items at the workplace to insurance claims, many people try to scam the system and get away with whatever they can. Regardless of the situation, a private investigator with surveillance skills and technology can help you get to the truth of the matter. Although investigators do a fine job of discovering factual information, adding surveillance technology can support the evidence. Pictures, video and even audio recordings can provide information that could be reassuring or shocking. Depending on the circumstances, the visual data collected can support absolute innocence or guilt.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Corporate Investigations: Why Companies Need to Conduct One Often

Corporate investigations occur daily to protect companies, and their investors and employees. Companies hire corporate investigators to protect their funds and interests, and to make sure no one is stealing from them. These measures are implemented as well to make sure companies are striving to achieve their best potential. There are different parts or kinds of corporate investigations. On Stealing Company Property. The common ones include looking into cases of employees or outsiders who are stealing or embezzling money from the company, as well as monitoring people who may be stealing other corporate proprietary ideas and selling them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Work of Private Detectives and Investigators Vital to Decision-Making

Different people like attorneys, lawyers, corporate leaders, those seeking judgment debtors, those seeking collections, insurers, and bankers may hire private detectives and investigators. These investigators must cater to their clients’ varied needs in detective work.  Licensure Private detectives need to have licenses in the state they operate. Although minimum requirements for licensure differ among states, candidates must be of a minimum age, which is usually between 21 and 25. United States citizenship or U.S. resident status, a high school diploma or GED certificate, no felony convictions, and no dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military are the other common minimum requirements. To obtain a state license, aspiring detectives must not only meet these minimum requirements, but must also have the proper education and experience, must pass the state exam for licensure, and obtain mandatory firearms training.