Thursday, May 14, 2015

Launching Private Investigations to Uncover Worker Compensation Scams

Employees who have taken ill or have been injured due to work-related causes deserve every recourse to their company’s workers’ compensation. Employers themselves also have the right to look into the veracity of the claims and obtain evidence. Nicole Fallon of Business News Daily said that, in many cases, employers are alerted that a worker compensation scam may be in the offing when there are inconsequential pieces of evidence that turn out to be telling after all. An employee is entitled to a worker’s compensation when he or she has been injured on the job or has become ill from work-related issues. Being one of the more altruistic and fair provisions for employees as mandated by the law, it has, however, long been acknowledged as a plan susceptible to spurious claims. Citing a PBS Frontline report, the Daily Finance reiterated how, despite a drop in worker compensation claims in the past couple of decades, up to 2% of the claims filed have turned out “fraudulent.”

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