Friday, February 20, 2015

Expert Asset Investigations Can Bring Debtors’ Hidden Assets to Light

Secrecy has been a part of asset protection planning for a long time. According to an article in “Some folks don’t want their competitors to know how well or how poorly they are doing, or that they have made key investments or divested assets.” The article further says: “Some folks think that the less potential claimants can find in potential assets, the less of a target they are to lawsuits”. Thorough asset investigations can help reveal any hidden assets and properly identify a debtor’s possessions. It is not uncommon for an individual or company to hide substantial assets in any way possible, especially if it means avoiding the possibility of paying out money. When any asset is transferred with the purpose of defrauding or delaying discovery by anyone identified as a creditor, then it is considered to be a hidden asset. This can be anything from real property to stocks, bonds, and money.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Professional Surveillance Investigator Helps Uncover Employee Theft

A report on RetailDIVE says: “Shoplifting is what makes the news but, according to the National Retail Federation, the number one source of retail theft in the United States is committed by a retailer’s own employees”. Employee theft seems to be something that is overlooked when it comes to loss in stores, but in reality, it is something that could even be more alarming than theft by outsiders. Admittedly, overt internal investigations can cause unwanted tension in the workplace. While these may eventually be needed, perhaps a better place to start would be surveillance. An experienced surveillance investigator can help in uncovering any case of employee theft as discreetly as possible.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Conducting Unbiased Corporate Investigations for Employee Misconduct

Has anyone in your workplace cried foul over a co-worker’s behavior; or acted in a way that might have jeopardized others or the company’s reputation and profitability? There are various types and degrees of behavior that can fall under the general definition of employee misconduct–ranging from simple acts that would require only a written or oral reprimand, to huge ones, which could mean dismissal from the company. To avoid the unjust dismissal of an employee, and any consequent legal action that might arise from it, an in-depth investigation should first be conducted.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thorough Private Investigations Uncover How Debtors Hide Their Assets

Having trouble collecting from people who owe you money? Sometimes, individuals or companies who wish to withhold payment for debt or an obligation will attempt to hide their assets from those who may have legal interest in them. Hidden assets are commonly encountered in divorce suits, but these may also be factors in cases of debtors who wish to avoid or delay their payments. Hidden assets are legally defined as values which are purposely secreted from disclosure to another; or, in the business setting, assets that are not properly disclosed in normal accounting records, particularly balance sheets. These assets could be anything from stocks and bonds to bank accounts; and at times, uncovering them could be very difficult to accomplish. This often requires thorough and intensive private investigations, which could delve into various possible means of hiding assets.